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We’re committed to ensuring tenants are ‘trouble free’ and receive a reliable and efficient property management service, as well as enabling landlords to make significant savings.
Our team of specialists provide an end-to-end ’360′ service for landlords and tenants. Landlords can take advantage of our extensive market links that enable us to keep our costs low, while tenants can take comfort from our 24/7 concierge service.
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Tailored Property Management Solutions

We understand levels of management can vary from property to property.
That’s why we provide tailored solutions to ensure that our services meet our clients’ individual needs.
  • Substantial Savings on current management charges – savings on maintenance charges and estate agent fees.
  • Complete peace of mind 24 hours a day – 24/7 concierge service for tenants means landlords can be assured their properties and tenants are looked after constantly by a professional and efficient management company.
  • 100% accredited maintenance work – all maintenance contractors are accredited with appropriate industry certifications.
  • Reduced maintenance cost charges – close relationships with trusted maintenance companies ensure reduced charges are passed on to you with no mark ups.
  • Discount furniture and household appliance sourcing – exclusive access to discount warehouses providing all household appliances and furniture for replacement during or at the end of a tenancy.
  • End of tenancy cleaning and maintenance work – exclusive contracts with cleaning companies, ensuring a quick turnaround and professional service and minimising void periods of empty properties.
  • Rent processing – collection of rent from tenants passed directly on to the client. Monthly statement produced detailing rent payments at no extra charge.
  • Safety checks – arrangement of gas, electrical and carbon monoxide safety checks.
  • Reduction in estate agent tenancy sourcing and renewal fees – we work with a large number of reputable estate agents ensuring fees are driven down and passed on directly to you.
  • Advising on current landlord responsibilities and legislation – providing advice on changing regulation that may affect your responsibilities.
  • Deposit managements – arrangement of deposit protection schemes ensuring tenant deposits are held in line with government regulations and advice given should there be any end of tenancy dispute.
  • Dispute resolution – we work with deposit protection to quickly and efficiently resolve disputes in the interest of both parties.
  • 24 hours contact line for all client queries – we are available 24 hours a day to deal with any queries you may have.
  • Quick and efficient resolution of any maintenance requests – we have a large panel of contractors who are on hand to resolve any maintenance issues quickly.
  • Accredited maintenance professionals – our accredited maintenance contractors provide a professional service that adheres to industry standards.
  • Deposit protection – we provide you with peace of mind your deposit is fully protected.

Additional services can be supplied by negotiation and at landlord request.

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