Telephone: 0161 260 1388
Our fee structure ensures you achieve maximum return on your rental income.
We charge one fixed set up fee, and all maintenance and tenancy search fees
are passed on with no additional amounts added.
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Unlike most letting agents and property management companies, we are transparent with our fees and charges.

We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing structure, so you’ll never be hit with an unexpected price hike. There are also no mark-up fees for any repairs or maintenance work we arrange to have done, meaning you don’t have to worry about additional costs from us, and our quick response time ensures your tenants won’t be inconvenienced for long.

UK Clients

At ACOM Property, we keep our pricing structure clear and simple. For clients based in the UK, our management fee is 8% of your tenant’s rental payment.

Overseas Clients

For those based outside of the UK, our fee is 10%, and your point of contact will be our highly experienced, quad-lingual property management agent.